COVID-19 Precautions

Our office has and will continue to take necessary measures in order to keep our staff and patients safe. Luckily, a lot of the standard protocols concerning infection control in dentistry is largely applicable to COVID-19.Below are some of the precautions we take concerning the spread of COVID-19:

COVID-19 Screening- All of our patients are given a COVID-19 screening form to fill out before any treatment is rendered. This screening form is the standard provided by government entities that oversee dentistry, and questions the patient on their vaccination status as well as any recent COVID-19 exposures or tests.

Disinfection/Sterilization- As always, all of our cleaning products are vetted before purchase and use to make sure they have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, and that they meet the criteria set forward by regulatory agencies for dental offices. This process is applied to all other methods of disinfection and sterilization we utilize, such as for our instruments.

Scheduling- Our office attempts to schedule our patients within timeframes that'll limit their exposure to each other. We also attempt to avoid having multiple patients or their families waiting in the lobby simultaneously, again, to limit exposure to each other.

Masks and barriers- Though the work we do almost ensures exposure, masks are a great tool to prevent this, as the public health agencies in charge of COVID-19 regulations state that a well-fitted N95 mask can prevent 'exposure' entirely in a dental office. Barriers are also a simple way we try to limit exposure.

Self-screening- Our staff are constantly on the lookout the presentation of COVID-19 symptoms in themselves. Upon finding any, our staff is questioned about any recent exposure they might've had, as well as how long ago their symptoms first appeared, and if they've been tested for COVID-19. In any case where there is reason to believe a staff member has been exposed to COVID-19, that staff member is asked to quarantine as per public health agencies' recommendations. Staff is then tested sufficient time for a test to be effective has passed. Staff is only allowed to return once they have quarantined per COVID-19 guidelines and have tested negative for the virus.

Additional Precautions- Our office takes additional precautions that may not be listed here. We take any and all precautions that we, and public health officials, find reasonable and realistic to implement.